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ANDIS T-Outliner hair trimmer

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Andis T-Outliner Trimmer is equipped with a zero-cutting T-Blade that is perfect for all-around outlining and fading as well as being ideal for trimming hard to get places, beards, mustaches and edging around ears while maintaining speed, versatility, and control. The powerful magnetic high-speed motor runs cool and quiet. A contoured-shaped housing fits your hand comfortably.

- Quiet
- Perfect for outlining, dry shaving and fading
Blade system: Andis T-Outliner system
Technical features:
- Magnetic motor, 7200 SPM
- Close-cutting, carbon-steel T-blade for detailing
Design features:
- Weight of 320 g
- 3 meter cord
- 1x Close-cutting T-blade
- Lubricating oil

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Manufacturer: ANDIS
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