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Hair Tonic Lotion FAB Boss 250ml

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Refined spice blend with essential extracts

Apply an amount of FAB Hair Tonic to cover the hair and scalp.
Gently massage the tonic into scalp with fingertips moving the scalp stimulating the increase of blood flow to roots for 2-3 minutes until tonic is absorbed.
Finish by styling hair with hands, comb or brush.
FAB Hair Tonic will completely wash out after shampooing.


For you the Barber FAB Hair Tonics makes you and your business stand out from the rest! FAB Hair Tonics helps to make the hair pliable, easier to cut & style by enabling the hair to lay in its natural fall after directed application, helping your cuts to look sharper leaving hair smooth to the touch whilst gently holding your style in place, with the added bonus of a great fragrance. Add FAB Hair Tonics to your water sprays to fragrance the water, use as a cutting or blow-drying lotion.

 We guarantee your clients will love it whichever the way you use it!

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